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Triptych "Armenia". From the author series "My Armenia"http://www.armenianpaintings.com/ararat-paintings.html 

 In this cycle are collected paintings (and will be new works too)that fully symbolic and have deep love of the artist to Armenia and to the Armenian culture, which is plundered for many centuries until now, to my great regret. 

Symbolical still life

Material: Oil on canvas
Price: 1700 $
Size: 80x120 cm.

Order prints
Poster / Art Print
10X15 cm.-15$
20X25cm.-35$ and bigger...
Stretched Canvas Print
40X50cm.-80$50X60cm.-130$ and bigger...

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Our uniqe website give you the chance to enjoy really Armenian paintings created by contemprorary Armenian painter Meruzhan Khachatryan.
- I  have my vision of my country culture and my thinking about how it must be. By my eyes I see my country culture with  strong, wonderful and with Christianity harmonic national soul what of course reflected on about each of my original Armenian paintings. 
I just want to show the Armenian world to other people who even don't know where is the Armenia and who are the Armenians. 
Also, I do not lose heart and do not lose confidence that my paintings (Armenian still lifes or  symbolic compositions) definitely show and will  show the true beauty of Armenia on my  paintings what you can't see anywhere else like on our ArmenianPaintings.com amazing website.
Welcome again ]]>
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I would be like to welcome you  and wish you so much warm emotions  on ArmenianPaintings.com This is the best online gallery of true Armenian original paintings.

These paintings must always contain complete information in specific painting language of  art, what reflects armenian themes, ideas, meanings, emotions in colors what have such of subjects belonging to Armenian culture in compositions of paintings.  
The true Armenian paintings must always touch the deep, clear, powerfull and sensitive feelings of Armenian culture which takes his inspiration and strength from Armenian people and Armenia.